Ceylon Nights 100g

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Nelsons brand which always use pure Ceylon Tea as the base in their product range has successfully mastered a " Royal Blend" fit even for members of the Emperor's family. The" Ceylon Nights" is a blend of a superior quality black tea and green tea from the paradise island of Sri Lanka. It is mixed with a secret flavour and supplemented with rose petals and sunflower blossoms as well as orange peel to give the " Elixir of tea drinking ". Whether the consumer wants a wake-up tea for a winter morning or a relaxation tea for a summer evening, the" Ceylon Nights " fits all seasons.

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  • Contents - Flavoured Black Tea
  • Packing - Loose Tea
  • Net Weight - 100g
  • Origin - Sri Lanka
  • Ingredients - Black Tea, Green Tea, Rose Blossom, Sunflower Blossom, Orange Flower Blossom, Marigold petal, Strawberry pieces, Flavour
  1. Boil fresh water in a kettle
  2. Add the tea to the teapot
  3. Pour the water into the teapot
  4. Steep for the recommended time
  5. Don't forget to shake out the last few drops (they have the most flavour)

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