Romance of Ceylon 100g

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A specially selected straight line tea from Dimbula Region nestled among rolling hills of 3,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level where the top quality seasonal produce is made during the months of February, March and April. The High Grown pure Ceylon Dimbula Tea carefully sorted and packed under " Blender's Choice " from Nelsons brand is refreshingly mellow, full of aroma and excitingly delicate. A beverage to rejuvenate the user’s body, to relax the mind and bring harmony to the soul.

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  • Contents - Flavoured Black Tea
  • Packing - Loose Tea
  • Net Weight - 100g
  • Origin - Sri Lanka
  • Ingredients - Black Tea, Dried Mango Pieces, Cassis Leaves, Orange Peel, Flavor
  1. Boil fresh water in a kettle
  2. Add the tea to the teapot
  3. Pour the water into the teapot
  4. Steep for the recommended time
  5. Don't forget to shake out the last few drops (they have the most flavour)

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